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Silver Mask Season Twenty Two Result

The results are in for Silvermask Season 21! We had some incredible entries this year, and it was tough to choose the winners. But without further ado, here they are:

Silver Mask Title Winners:

  • The Righteous - Best Drama Short

  • Morituriosis - Best Plot

  • Tempting Fate - Best Short Screenplay

  • Rage, Fear, Love - Best Producer

  • No Expectations - Best Drama Feature

  • Scary Clown News 4 Banbury Buns - Best Micro Film

  • EXIT-INTO THE MASQUERADIUM - Best Virtual Reality

  • Queer Cowfolk: The Gay Rodeo Musical - Best Feature Screenplay

  • Red, Blue and Asya - Best Director

  • The Red Hot Doll House - Best Short Film

  • Escaping the blue box - Best Horror Short

  • Antarjaal - Best Thriller Short


Submit your project for review / promotion Competetion -

Silver Mask Golden Wing (Specially crafted for our winners). Email us to know more.

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