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Silver Mask Season Fourteen Result

Finally, the wait is over and we are happy to announce the name of Silver Mask Season Fourteen Winners. Congratulations to all.

Silver Mask Title Winners:

  • Invisible film - Best Experimental Short

  • America Boxed In - Best Producer

  • The Unseen - Best Short Screenplay

  • The Secrets Inside - Best Plot

  • Pastiche - Best Thriller Short & Best Director

  • The Deputy - Best Feature Screenplay

  • Transcended - Best Animated Short

  • If I Could Ride - Best Drama Feature

  • Saint Harlow - Best Noir Short

  • What the Prophets Last Say to Earth - Best Sci Fi Short Screenplay

  • THE NIGHT PRINCESS - Best Fantasy Short

  • I Am The Candidate - Best Music Video

  • A Day in the Life of a Pig - Best Micro Film

  • Branching Out With The Invisible Man - Best Black & White Film

Silver Mask Honorable Mentions:

  • True Happiness - Honorable Mention - Short Screenplay

  • Total Makeover of the Mind - Honorable Mention - Experimental Short

  • That's why you need love - Honorable Mention - Thriller Short


Submit your project for review / promotion Competetion -

Silver Mask Golden Wing (Specially crafted for our winners). Email us to know more.

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