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Silver Mask Season Eleven Result

Finally, the wait is over and we are happy to announce the name of Silver Mask Season Eleven Winners. Congratulations to all.

Silver Mask Title Winners:

  • On / Off - Best Cinematography, Best Original Score & Best Experimental Short

  • Outrun LA - Best Sci Fi Short

  • Loose Filling - Best Actor

  • Ten Points of Joy - Best TV/Web Series

  • America Boxed In - Best Social Feature

  • The Derelict - Best Animated Short

  • Black City Nights - Best Music Video

  • Our Sitcom - Best Comedy Short

  • "Twisted Fate" - Best Short Screenplay

  • Emergency Musical Response - Best Debut Filmmaker

  • Endless Nights - Best Horror Short

  • Hollow House - Best Thriller Short

Silver Mask Honorable Mentions:

  • The Lawn Brothers - Honorable Mention - Comedy Short

  • Billy Kills The Internet - Honorable Mention - Sci Fi short

  • There are stories in the dark - Howard Sky - Honorable Mention - Horror Short

  • Where is Jane - Honorable Mention - Short Screenplay

  • Hamilton saheber bagan bari - Honorable Mention - Directorial Debut


Submit your project for review / promotion Competetion -

Silver Mask Golden Wing (Specially crafted for our winners). Email us to know more.

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