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Ruins - Feature Film Review

Watching your worst fears come alive on screen may not be such a good idea. But when presented in a realistically captivating and innovative way, it leaves a memorable footprint in your mind. RUINS does exactly that. Set in a dystopian future, which is imagined to be a continuation of the current situation of the pandemic, the film is based on the doctors and staff of a hospital during the last days before humanity is mostly wiped out. It is the first pandemic related movie that is told in the rebellious "tell but don't show" format. Written and directed by Jay Mohan, Ruins was conceived, shot and produced entirely in quarantine, and none of the cast or crew met each other during the entire production of the film.

Set in the future, nine years after an infection that destroyed most of humanity. The movie starts with the discovery of a video package which contained the last video footages of the six employees of Ray of Faith Hospital. The rest of the film takes us through various video footages of these six people from Day 135 to Day 171, since the outbreak, who include the chief medical officer, doctors, medical staff and nurse. Through these videos, we see and hear about the events which led to the catastrophe. Lack of proper PPE kits and ventilators, deaths of multiple doctors and staff, hospital infrastructure breaking down, personal joys and losses of the speakers, everything is interwoven beautifully in this experimental film.

Director Jay Mohan, who has already received worldwide recognition for his earlier short films, stands out in creating stories which cover a wide variety of human emotions, as the characters face heart wrenching hurdles. We see the stories of these characters unfold as they battle their personal and professional trials and tribulations. In the midst of despair and death, we get to see emotions like love blooming between strangers, friendship gaining more importance than material possessions, the self-sacrifice of a doctor for patients, and so many other human angles that make this film stand out from the other dystopian pandemic films. The editing of this film is crisp and the story moves forward at a fast pace, leaving the viewer completely enraptured.

There is no denial that the pandemic has wreaked havoc in people’s lives globally. As such, RUINS might be a hard watch for some, but credit goes to the director for interweaving the characters and their different lives together in such a seamless and beautiful way, as to portray the victory of humanity and the sacrifices doctors and medical staff has to make in order to save lives.

Director's Biography:

Jay Mohan is a filmmaker based out of Dallas, Texas. As a new comer to the Dallas movie making arena, he started making films only from 2018. Within a short span of time he has made three short films covering multiple aspects of human life that has received worldwide recognition. As a computer engineer and software business owner by profession, he started down the path of filmmaking due to sheer passion. His enthusiasm to create stories covering wide variety of human emotions while his characters are faced with common diabolical yet heart wrenching hurdles make him stand out. As a story writer, director and cinematographer, he dreams of painting frames that will touch human emotions.

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